Fleet Foxes @ The Moore 05.02.11

May 2, 2011

Quickly shuffling into the alreay darkened theater, Fleet Foxes crisp and superbly antique sound radiates through The Moore to the appreciative and respectful silence of the sold out crowd, the first of a 2 night residency. Everyone in the building seems a bit anxious, as if privileged to be here, expecting something truly wonderful to occur, afraid that if they sang along or danced that it might somehow unravel everything.

The band stand out amongst a straight black backdrop. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, just simple, genuine and honest. Supplemented with gorgeous songs, and masterful instrumentation. Transporting everyone who swayed along with eyes closed to another place. Tough to say it was a better one though, because I can't say there was really any better place to be.

To call fleet foxes mesmerizing is an understatement, everyone stares along transfixed as each new song unfolds itself, revealing unrecorded nuances which can only be uncovered live. Is it cliche to say that they're just so fucking good?

Finally the tension is cut by a shout from the crowd, "where'd you get your shirt?" they ask. Robin responds with a smile, "My pants are too tight so I had to wear this cuz its long and covers it." A song passes and someone shouts again, "whered you get your pants?" The crowd laughs as Robin directs his banter to the balcony, asking if they feel like they're in third class on the titanic, and then hums the beginning of the theme. Also worth noting that they're recording the show

Easily the most intense atmosphere I've felt in ages at a show. A testament that Fleet Foxes exist beyond the hype and truly live up to their reputation. A brilliant build of tension climaxes with The Shrine/An Argument, an 8 minute opus which drips with passion and finds Robyn at his most exposed, expressing emotions of frustration, fear, anguish, a brilliant piece recorded which comes to life in the live environment like watching some sort Opera, complete with movements, mountains and valleys, and tragedy. I find it tough to believe anyone in the audience wasn't overwhelmed.

In short, a magical night. Sim Sala Bim indeed.