Foals @ Showbox Market 04.11.11

April 13, 2011

Foals are a force to be reckoned with. After a stellar exclusive End performance earlier in the day where they abandoned their electric guitars for acoustics and delicately explored versions of their own brilliant "Spanish Sahara" and a chilling cover of Pearl Jam's Immortality, seeing the band take the stage at the Showbox found them in entirely different form.

The full lineup pumping out song after song with relative ease and certainly a comparative ease of mind from the previously tense perfectionists that sat before us, exposing themselves from the blanket of distortion and white wash synth sounds that fill out the songs at times. The setlist consisted of a solid split between their two Sub Pop releases (the most recent of course being the terribly fantastic Total Life Forever) the band often meandered from the studio material however to embark on progressive jams which even found me looking over at Harms and asking if I wasn't the only one remind of Minus The Bear.

Overall it became simply an interesting contrast against the Synth driven alterna-rock-pop of openers The Naked and Famous and even more curious choice Freelance Whales. Is Foals for everyone? Most certainly not, but they are a fashionably ferocious albeit somewhat unfocused talent that only show signs of promise and expansion of sound from their future records, and it's only in your best interest to have your ear to the ground and catch them if you can.