Fugazi to Release Original Demo Recordings in November

October 27, 2014
I still remember reading that Fugazi were going on indefinite hiatus and being super sad. Having transitioned from Marilyn Manon and early Korn, to punk rock, to Fugazi, they're that band that cemented my love of music for music's sake. I think it's the healthiest thing to happen to me since my parents took me to see Wynton Marsalis when I was a trumpet playing 12 year old.

Here's a band that without the support of anything but one another and the love of their fans - no major record label or promotions company - sold well over three million copies of the 1989 album 13 Songs. Again, just by busting their butts to play affordable shows in as many cities around the world as possible. 

So, a year after the DC area post-hardcore gentleman got together and began working out songs, they hit the studio to record an early demo. These are a bunch of songs that were dubbed to cassette and handed out at live shows. After now more than a decade of inactivity, Ian Mackaye's Dischord Records will release these demos on November 18th. Check out the demo of "Merchandise":

Piano... in a punk band?!?! To me it's cool to hear a song like "Merchandise" that didn't even get released on 13 Songs. Instead, the song continued to get worked out until it was ready for Repeater. Anyway, the First Demo is now available for preorder and will ship around 11/18/14.

First Demo Tracklist:
01. Waiting Room
02. Merchandise
03. Furniture
04. Song #1
05. The Word
06. Badmouth
07. Break-In
08. Turn Off Your Guns
09. And the Same
10. In Defense of Humans
11. Joe #1

Also, because Fugazi is my favorite band, check out this cool performance of "Shut the Door" played at the Capitol Theater in Olympia and featured in their documentary Instrument.

I'm very happy.