Full 90 Extra Time: Dave Grohl Can Save Sounders FC Postseason

If anyone knows about being awesome while injured, it's Dave

September 17, 2015

After talking with Ross, I'm not sure how anyone would ever watch a soccer match in San Jose - A. they're not very good B. North America's longest outdoor bar on a 90 degree day sounds pretty great. Ross is back from calling a brutal, slugfest of a soccer match. The end result in score is great for Sounders FC to make the playoffs. The part where three injuries brought on three subs... not so much.

I've got a pretty fine solution for one of the injuries sustained while battling on the road. We're gonna need to call Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters to lend us a bit of kit to get the job done on the field. With Brad Evans concussed, Valdez stomped, and Roman Torres with a ruined knee, the postseason is becoming more and more difficult.

Before Seattle can get too excited about making the postseason run, first things need to happen here in the Pacific Northwest. Sounders FC travel to Vancouver on Saturday to do battle and settle the score on the 2015 Cascadia Cup. Cascadia Cup is a three team battle between Seattle, Portland (yuck), and Vancouver. With a win or a draw, Sounders FC bring the cup back to Seattle where it belongs. Ross helps us understand what that match up looks like, what it means for Brad Evans (assuming he's cleared to play), and how the rest of the season needs to motor along.