Full 90 Extra Time: Ross's Dream Job

He's been linked with Seattle since the 90's!

October 30, 2015

Sounders FC smashed home one of the most exciting performances we've ever seen, and it has the whole city buzzing. Besting the previously dominant LA Galaxy fills the sails of Seattle with something other than a cold fall rainy breeze. It's always said that the MLS Cup passes through LA - not this year it doesn't. Dammit, that game was incredible.

It's hard to imagine Ross doing anything but yelling excitedly British things about dudes or gals kicking soccer balls into nets, but he has a secret Seattle dream job he tells us all about! I also didn't realize how many Olympics that dude has covered. Plus, an important lesson on how not to suck at covering sports or life when you're in the media. Thanks Ross.

Also, I made him take a photo with his own head that we made and took to the soccer match (above) and then wore it myself for Halloween! See the face's origin story here.