Girl Talk @ Showbox Sodo 03.15.11

March 15, 2011

Girl Talk live is sort of a mix between your high school prom, and Babys-First-Rave. It's got a lot of lights, a lot of confetti, and a lot 17 year old girls. Now mind you, when you were 17 too that was just super but going to all ages shows (and maybe this is just in Seattle) is something of a nightmare to me at this point.

First off you have a bunch of kids who have absolutely no idea how to interact with each other in a close proximity. And every time without fail this results in shoving and whining, which is great if you're the star of your very own My Super Sweet 16 episode, but in a concert environment it's a complete vibe killer for everyone you come in contact with as well as everyone in a 7 foot radius of them.

Then you have to take into account that Girl Talk is pretty much the Raisin Bran of DJ's. Combining dated mainstream rap with the nostalgia of 80's throwbacks most of those in attendance weren't alive for during the first go around. From the ground up, everything about him is one cliche layered on top of the other. Flashy lights and LED screens? Check. Balloon Drops? Check. Inviting people onstage to dance? Check. Climbing to stand on top of your "decks" because its Rock N Roll? Check. *and I use that term decks loosely. A DJ set executed entirely on your laptops hardly counts...I can make an Itunes playlist too. Call me a hater of fun (and believe me, Promo Joe will if/when he reads this) but I just wasn't impressed. People weren't even dancing, it was that weird jumping around thing you did in junior high.

In summation I'm sorry if you read all of this and completely disagreed, and I genuinely believe that most people there had a blast, but as an objective attendee with more than a few DJ sets under my belt I can honestly say this was without a doubt, the most poorly paced and poorly selected group of songs played over the most predictable electro antics. Save yourself 30 bucks and just put the CD on in your house, invite your friends over and have someone flick the lights on and off for two hours.