Our Dumb Podcast: 060 - Banecast

When a bad impersonation is outdone by a worse one...

November 5, 2015

So much Bane, not enough jokes this week on Banecast! Gregr is a wee bit lost and distracted because of the disappearance of his beloved book - a scribble source of ideas, prose, and the occasional doodle. What's that thing that you have on you everyday (not phone or keys) that when you don't have it, you panic a little bit? Maybe it is just phone or keys - it would be hard to imagine conducting a day where the phone was left at home... alone...

Both of us are reaching near nerd boner level of excitement with the upcoming Star Wars film, now just a little over a month away. There are so many fan theories floating around, but it's weird how many are still focused on the first six films. 

We got the strangest skype call this week... be warned.

Enjoy Dummy of the Week and Sex Music, dummies!