064 - Come To Our Party Cast

Listen Dummy, There's a Chance For Free Laser Tag.

December 4, 2015

Let's hang out, drink a beer or an eggnog (byoEggnog), and shoot each other with lasers pew pew pew. It's the Our Dumb Christmas Party: The Dummies Strike Back!

Saturday, December 19th
Virtual Sports Tukwila

We're playing laser tag, and a bunch of dummies get to play for free, too!

Here's how you play for free:

Just shoot us a direct message on Facebook or Twitter saying you want in. We only have so many spaces, but we'd love to shoot lasers at you!

We're gonna shoot for a live podcast, perhaps we'll need foley artists or techmology... And, we'll crown a Dummy of the Week! I think Manley is bringing gifts, and we're gonna need you bring him tributes to reciprocate.

Also, here's a podcast.