Episode 56 is a Real S*** Show

So many beeps...

October 9, 2015

Boy, this episode got off to a really sh***y start! It's crazy how little respect baseball receives once football season starts (also, see MLS for sad faces). Despite the dominance of dudes in helmet smashing into each other, it turns out that there are a ton of baseball nerds in our office. We break down what we expect in the postseason, and hey, since you're reading this, you're a dummy and probably like us to (barely) do the thinking for you.

Manley managed to get to McDonalds for opening day of all-day breakfast - his report included. As a result of our talk, one dummy took immediate action and built a super sandwich, one that combined that tastes of the most well-known burger and best-recognized breakfast sandwich. That dummy should get an award. 

Super burger

Joe, Manley's brother, was in town, and they did everything! Rather than Manley regurgitating the whole experience, we relieve the adventure through the longest email ever... What a weekend.

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