Air Guitar World Championships

August 27, 2015
Let’s face it, we’ve all had an amazing drum solo on the imaginary skins of our steering wheel drum set, shredded the sickest air guitar solo with extra wiggly fingers, or at the very least sung along hitting the highest of high notes with butts scootin' to a catchy song on the radio. If not, I’m not exactly sure what you’re doing on this blog...

This week is the culmination of a world of pretend performers, a level below karaoke, which itself is an event that is taken super seriously, we have whole television shows about it. I’m waiting excitedly to see who can play air guitar better than anyone else in the world.

The town of Oulu, Finland, hosts the 20th annual Air Guitar World Championships. The action features competitors who bested their foes to become national champions - there was an event here in Seattle last month to qualify to represent the USA.

I took a look at past air guitar champions and was actually sorta surprised by something, the lack of quality air guitar-ing.

I mean, Eric "Mean" Melin dances and head bangs at at least a 9/10 level, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t crush a few beers with the dude, but that’s not air guitar. That’s party choreography to an almost cheerleading level. Melin finished third, so how about the 2014 Champion  Nanami "Seven Seas" Nagura ?

BAT-TER-Y!!! Woah, sweet air ninja/samurai swordsmanship and thematics, but again, where’s the pretend shredding?
I guess it’s time to drop my love of technicality, dismiss my negativity and just sit in anticipation to find out who wins the crown for 2015. Bring it home to the USA, friend.

If you're reading this on Friday, here's a link to watch the action live starting at 9:30a Seattle time. I hope you can read Finnish!