Cage the Elephant Announce New Album, 'Tell Me I'm Pretty'

Dan Auerbach joins the quartet as producer...

October 7, 2015

Cage the Elephant will release 'Tell Me I'm Pretty' December 18th. You'll be among the first to see the band play as they get fired up to support a new album at Deck The Hall Ball just 10 days earlier!

2013's 'Melophobia' introduced us to the next evolution of Cage the Elephant - these guys weren't just jokers having fun playing rock n' roll on the road, they had grown up into proper professional badasses. It's been incredible being along for the whole ride - think back to the first time you heard "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked"... Now, these seasoned veterans continue to shape themselves as a lasting name, not a flavor of the week. 

Cage the Elephant in Studio

“With this record, we wanted to be more transparent,” said lead singer Matt Shultz. “We wanted to capture the sentiment of each song, and whatever emotional response it provoked, to be really honest to that.” The change in Shults alone is exciting - he went from long-haired, screaming maniac who crowd surfed his sweat down to the adoring hands propping him up from below, to this man with incredible fashion, charm, and a sense of stage leadership that lends one to soaring at great heights.

'Tell Me I’m Pretty' was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys & The Arcs (he's worked on Lana Del Rey, Ray LaMontagne, The Black Keys, The Arcs), mixed by Tom Elmhirst (Amy Winehouse, Adele, Florence + the Machine) and recorded at Easy Eye Sound in Nashville, TN, near their home in Kentucky.

I'm shocked to read the approach Cage the Elephant took in capturing the new album. They recorded most of the songs on the first take, capturing the band’s raw and frenetic onstage energy. Damn, that's one way to make sure you're not overwriting the songs. It's such a punk rock approach to staying honest with the presentation of the songs.

Cage the Elephant in Studio

Don't miss Cage The Elephant at Deck The Hall Ball on December 8th!