A Chat With U2's Bono (crazy, right?!)

September 18, 2014
There's something just less intimidating about interviewing an artist over the phone than in person. Meeting someone for the first time makes things more real in my mind. I know that's stupid, but think about meeting your love's parents for the first time, or going in for a job interview - it'll drive a nervous guy like me crazy. Over the phone, no one can see you fidgit. There are no visual cues to second guess, "did he just raise his eyebrows because he's offended?" or "why does he look so bored?".

Scroll down for the audio interview.

All this being said, I felt anxious to not f*** up my chance to interview Bono, but it wasn't until his management person went to connect our phone call that I lost it and started jittering: "Gregr, stand by for Bono"!

What became of this conversation convinced me as to why this dude has made it so far. Bono is sharp. It's not an intimidating intelligence because he softens it with humor and a sense of self deprecation about his own work. The full audio is below, here are some awesome Bono tidbits:

Gregr: More than a week away and the dust has settled, how are you feeling about this feat that you've pulled off?

Bono: "It's not really the 500 million people that had an opportunity to listen to it, it's the fact that 38 million people have listened to it in the last week now - have actually listened to it. I have heard that one of two haven't enjoyed the experience *laughs*, but it would appear that the vast majority of people are loving this album and why we took that route."

Gregr: Did you download your own record?

Bono: "I had to go online and get a PhD first to download it and then of course to delete as I realized in the final mix that Edge had turned the voice down. I heard a couple people have deleted it, but no one has deleted more U2 music in the last 5 years than the members of U2 - that's why it took 5 years *laughs*". 

The dude can make a joke about his own band being so scrutinized for not delivering on the high expectations they set when releasing their last album!

Gregr: Did you anticipate that some people would be uneasy about having the music added to their library without them seeking it out? Was that something your guys thought about ahead of time?

"Listen if people had a problem with the way we released the album, I'm sure I'd have read something about it online - it's a punk rock thing to do for god's sake... of course, you're gonna annoy people, that's a compliment... I would just say to the people that were annoyed, there was a lot of Irish blood, sweat, and tears that went into your junk mail..."

He's the best. Enjoy the full talk here:

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