Download A New Foo Fighters EP for Free!

As a thank you to the fans, they released this rad record.

November 22, 2015

Not nearly as much speculation went into the mystery Foo Fighters countdown clock that had been ticking for a month leading up to midnight on Monday, November 23rd as we've put into Star Wars Episode VII - to be fair, the Foo Fighters don't have a Millennium Falcon or a broadsword lightsaber... Were the Foos preparing a follow up this close to Sonic Highways? Unlikely since they're still on the road. An announcement of the next album or TV series? Also wrong. Something much simpler, more raw, a product with an unintended mission showed up late last night.

The Foo Fighters released an EP, Saint Cecilia EP, for free download.

It's a collection of bits of songs that over the years had been left on the edges of their body of work. Now collected together and recorded at an impromptu studio session in Austin, Texas's Hotel St Cecilia Studios, Grohl and company wanted you to have something for free. Then, Friday, November 13th happened. The band watched the world of rock and roll be rocked by violence, death, and insane human behavior.  Here the Foo Fighters found themselves with an EP meant to show gratitude to their fans around the world that instead would take on a new purpose. This record, though free, aims to collect funds to help that huge loss of life that night at an Eagles of Death Metal show (and all the victims in that terrible attack). 

Before releasing this EP, Dave Grohl penned a letter explaining his thanks. Then the Paris attacks happened. Foo Fighters were in Berlin, and cancelled the rest of their European tour - it's the last touring of the Sonic Highways dates before the next Foo project. Dave wrote an additional letter that describes how the attacks changed the significance of this release.

Saint Cecilia, a collection of riffs and ideas made real, feels like exactly what Foo Fighters fans need from a band that brings it so hard live. It's not overthought. It features a range of styles without feeling unfinished. What a lucky holiday gem.

Saint Cecilia Tracklist:
01. Saint Cecilia
02. Sean
03. Savior Breath
04. Iron Rooster
05. The Neverending Sigh

Music should never be the cause for loss of life, to even have to type such a notion is terrible. Instead, the Dave reminds us that "music is life, and that hope and healing go hand in hand with song". Hopefully, you'll check out these rad songs and maybe kick in a few bucks on behalf of the band!