Full 90 Extra Time: American Jealousy

Was Ross ever a British teenage girl jealous of the lives of Americans?

November 6, 2015

Thanks to an article by a journalism source of the highest quality, Buzzfeed, we find out this week if Ross was ever a British teenage girl jealous of the Hollywood upbringing of American girls - fun! I feel badly sometimes because I'm interested learning about the cultural differences between even nations that are so similar. Did English teens grow up with 90210? I assume everyone there is Harry Potter only without the sweet wizard skills.

Seattle Sounders FC did what they need to do in the first leg of this playoff matchup with FC Dallas to make their away match on Sunday a little easier. Ross helps us understand what results are in our favor - it's very complex but it's another "win and you're in" scenario.

Also, you can look forward to some swearing (it's beeped):