Full 90 Extra Time: Coach Schmetzersaurus RULES!

He's mostly human, part vicious dinosaur!!!

September 9, 2015

Seattle Sounders FC finally had something they'd been missing since June... Obafemi Martins hugging Clint Dempsey on the pitch during a soccer match! How about that amazing teamwork between two our two biggest paychecks on the team?! Ok, so where is head coach Sigi Schmid? He was missing for health reasons and assistant coach - and former Sounders FC topman, Brian Schmetzesaurus (Schmetzer if you're less fun), took the reigns of the team. Solid 3 points when Seattle needs them, but an overall sloppy match.

More importantly, while watching the match, my girlfriend says something to me like "you know I love Brad Evans, but his beard is getting a bit long don't you think?" As a man who loves a good bit of facial hair on my mug, I hadn't thought too much about it. Time to ask the authority on all things Sounders FC, Ross Fletcher. 

Don't forget that it's very important still that you check out the International Sheep Dog Trials from 1932 for a point of reference about Ross's home taking proper-ness to lunatic levels.

I wish so hard that Montreal was one of the remaining couple home games we saw over the weekend simply to watch the 81 year old Didier Drogba work his brutish magic. The dude made his first start for Montreal Impact and didn't just deliver a goal, he took home the game ball with a hattrick:

Other than that, buckle up for a spat of away games, and remember, classic logic suggest that Sounders FC just need to average 1.5 points per game* in order to look likely for the playoffs. HOWEVER, they have to get some sorta result against San Jose on Saturday. The Earthquakes have a game in hand and are 3 points back. A win for San Jose, they tie up the standings with an extra chance to take the lead.