Full 90 Extra Time - Dog Sports and the Drunks Who Watch Them

English speakers love dog sports, it's sorta weird...

September 3, 2015

I caught a glimpse at the Facebook page of Ross Fletcher laughing at the quality of American television over the weekend. He was watching a dog diving contest and losing his mind over it. America.

Surely, the English have something as weird as dog diving - oh don’t worry, they do. Hearing Ross discuss Sheep Dog Trials may be the funniest thing I’ve never considered about life in the UK. This is a prime example of funny Brits being British.

Who knew that the western world loved dog contests so much.. Then again, we all can decipher what #dogsofinstagram probably is, so maybe it’s not so weird.

Anyway, to the soccer.

Sounders FC didn’t look great against Portland - a quick look at the shots for each team tells a way different story than the goals taunting Timbers fans from the scoreboard! Sounders FC is one step closer to winning the pride of the PNW soccer rivalry - the Cascadia Cup, but they’re far from ready to mount a playoff and MLS Cup fight.

After the weekend’s victory, the team reclaimed 6th in the Western Conference - that’s the lowest they can be for a post-season run. Ross helps us understand what SSFC must do to make it in the homestretch.

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