Full 90 Extra Time - Ross Commentates Rubik's Cube

This is ridiculous

August 12, 2015

Does Ross Fletcher, professional play-by-play commentator, have what it takes to call a solve of the Rubik's Cube? Yes, of course he does! What I didn't know is how freakin incredible his commentary would actually be! We video'd it too so you can watch me suck at solving (below). The Sounders made some serious moves including a GIANT signing. No, seriously, the dude is a mountain of a man who will sure things up in the back line. Fun times!

Sounders have lost 8 of the last 9 - not good. It's still just a matter of time until everyone gets healthy and back on the field together - sooner rather than later please as they'll need time to get everyone on the same page. What started as such a rad season is becoming super challenging.

*UPDATE* Due to our new website not allowing Facebook embedding, you'll have to head here to check it out!

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