Full 90 Extra Time: Ross The Sauce Monster!

Seriously, you'll probably get pretty hungry listening to this...

October 2, 2015

Live from daddy day care, Ross and I tried to figure out exactly what it takes to qualify as serving up spectacular barbecue. I'm jealous that Ross got to spend a whole weekend stuffing his face with more calories than you care to know about, but I wonder just how many vegetables he actually consumed. I bet it's a shockingly low number... probably use for some extra fiber. Also, "root beer"... suuuuure , Ross.

So here we are, Sounders FC have a firm standing in the table on a run towards the playoffs. It's been a pretty great six weeks but the points are so close - can the Sounders FC keep things together?

At the time of this recording, Chad Marshall hadn't yet been injured in practice and carted to the hospital via ambulance. Sounders FC press delivered a better-than-worst-cast scenario, Marshall suffered a neck sprain with no timeline for recovery provided by the team. Sounder at Heart speculated that recovery for a "normal person" is 4-6 weeks. That's going to be a huge factor in solidifying the backline after already having lost so much.

Now more than ever, we need Dave Grolh's rock and roll throne.