Full 90 Extra Time: Tricities Wizard Cup Champions!

Blurry photo and all, I got to life the cup, did not drink...

September 25, 2015

I somehow ended up driving to Vancouver on the same day as a super important Sounders FC match. It was a battle that would help Seattle cement their position in the MLS playoffs, gain more reps together as this new team, and so important to the travelling fans - bring home the Cascadia Cup!

It's a fan driven tournament - such an awesome statement - the Cascadia Cup (Tricities Wizard Cup as my girlfriend jokingly calls it). Three teams all along I-5 (and BC99), Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland, all battle equally throughout the MLS season. The team with the best record at the end brings the Cascadia Cup home to their city. Despite a terrible summer losing streak, Sounders FC still pulled off enough of a wizard incantation to bring that piece of silverware back to the Puget Sound!... to be fair, I actually don't know if Vancouver is on the Puget Sound or not...

This week, Ross and I tackle important stuff: Canadian politeness as rivals (oh boy!), the season and it's rapid wrap up, big matches against Sporting KC and LA Galaxy in the next couple of weekends!

EDIT: the CONCACAF Champions League match came and went with another stunning win from SSFC!