How To Sounders Good!

August 13, 2015
I grew up like many kids in America playing AYSO soccer, but then rushing home to watch football on TV - American football, I'm not trying to sound like a fancy British person (listen below for fancy British people). When I first tried out for The End in December of 2008, the economy was GARBAGE and the corporate powers that be were not hiring anyone new. I had been offered a job but forced to wait it out.

I’ll never forget the excitement in Seattle leading up to that first season. Then, months later, sitting on my couch in terrible Las Vegas, I turned on the TV to find the inaugural match of Sounders in MLS and haven’t looked back. I moved to Seattle that spring and saw my first home match - Harms let me borrow his scarf, and I held that sucker high in the air with pride.

It’s so exciting to be part of something giant like this - a real cultural phenomenon for all of the USA. I realize that despite sell-out crowds of 40k+ every week, not everyone knows how awesome these matches are. I asked my friend and co-president of Emerald City Supporters, Aaron Reed, to contribute some tips to becoming a new fan of the Sounders. ECS is the largest Sounders supporter group so they know a thing or two about going crazy at CenturyLink!

Aaron is so knowledgable, we’ll be posting several tips about becoming a Sounders supporter over the next weeks!

AR: Take your time. One of the cool things about Sounders is that unlike Seahawks or Mariners you don't have to dedicate your whole day to it. If you roll in at first kick you'll be out in less than two hours including halftime and extra time. But you'll also miss out on part of the experience. So head down two hours early, have a soda at one of the bars in Pioneer Square. Or go play Foosball in the North Plaza. Or just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. Meet the Emerald City Supporters in Occidental Park for their traditional March to the Match. It leaves one hour before first kick. They're prompt so get there a couple minutes early. Ask one of the people up front for a song card and march with them. Sing the songs. It's way more fun to be in it than standing around watching it. So get off the sidelines and join in!

AR: If you're still new to the game it can be helpful to go with somebody who understands the rules and can tell you why a play was offside, why the referee is a wanker, what a wanker is, etc. That's not always possible so make friends with the people around you. Let them know you're new and ask if you can ask dumb questions. Most soccer fans are happy to evangelize a little about the game they love and will be happy to help out. If they're being a wanker about it just ask somebody else.

Next time someone offers you a ticket, go for it! Try it out. Have a blast! 

The announcer for Sounders FC, Ross Fletcher, is a friend and colleague and we've been podcasting all season - get up to speed with a few laughs at my expense along the way: