Listen: Remastered Bush, Band Set To Re-Release First Three Albums

September 15, 2014
The girl I liked in highschool (who didn't like me back) had the biggest crush on Gavin Rosdale. Man, did I resent that guy and his handsome loose curls!! It's undeniable how excited we were about 16 Stone and specifically "Everything Zen". Things got taken to the next level with a less interesting but better sounding follow up, Razorblade Suitcase, thanks to the recording style of Steve Albini (recorded Nirvana In Utero, plays in Shellac).

Bush are back on October 21 with a new album Man on the Run (iTunes preorder), and to celebrate the future, they're looking back at their past. Landing a week prior to the new album, Gavin and Co will re-release their first three albums (and that remix album, Deconstructed). The albums will be remastered and cleaned up for the HD world. Check out the remastered "Glycerine":

Oh, memories! Would you purchase any of these again?