Nerdy 90's Flashback

I visited my father's house which is apparently just a portal to the early 90's...

September 2, 2015

While taking a weekend to go home and see my old man, I had the opportunity to relive a bunch of my childhood - the 90’s. Poor ol’ Tom, his house is trapped in this weird 90’s and earlier time warp. I guess when you’re an old dude and the kids leave home, not as much outside influence enters your life. Lame for Tom.

A tweet from Darla question wether I am trapped in the 90s or just 90!


Throughout the weekend I dug around my old home and found relics, but I never found one of the things that reminds me most of the 90’s: my Super Soaker 50.

Summer in the 90’s was better thanks to this literally rocket scientist imagined technology. Seriously, a dude working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Lonnie Johnson, was inventing in his bathroom (not code for something naughty) when he realized he could use pressure to focus a stream of water capable of moving the curtains. Our lives were forever changed.

It took him almost a decade to get this thing licensed and distributed, but it changed summer forever. I remember running around the neighborhood blasting my dumb friends. Who needed water balloons anymore? They almost never hit the target and rarely exploded correctly. The Super Soaker 50 was lethal… well, water fight lethal - no one actually died on our cul de sac..

Then this:

Old school Super Soaker ad from 1991

Because we can’t pass up another way to make a quick buck, they had to make different models… the 200?! That thing was preposterous! The extra water tanks were pretty much the best invention. All that arm pumping to get a couple minutes of awesome soakage gets old when you have to keep refilling.

I wish instead of just a belt, someone would have made a Chewbacca style bandolier. Now that would be cool - minus the smell of wet wookiee...