New Music Discovery: Baroness Deliver a Peak at "Purple"

It's the first new music following their terrible bus crash left the band fractured.

August 29, 2015

I hope we all have that friend that just always has awesome new music to listen to before everyone else gets their paws on it. I call that dude in my life, The King of Castle Rock. The King even has a friend that shows him cool stuff - is there a wizard at the top of cool new music mountain? No one knows.

The King subtly but consistently kept reminding me to listen to Baroness, and I kept promptly ignoring him "yeah yeah...". Then one grumpy fall Sunday, I got into my car for a mind clearing drive up to Snoqualmie Falls. Deciding it was time for something a tad heavier, I took the King's advice and put on the Red album - Baroness to this date have released three albums, each with a colorful name: RedBlueYellow & Green. December 18th, they'll self-release a new album that I'm dying to hear, and they almost died before it was made, Purple.

Though heavy and more metal-y than you'd usually hear on The End, the writing is fantastic. A once super noodling sound of dual shredding guitars overlayed atop beautiful song-smithing, over time, has evolved into something more beautiful, subtle, and less metal. When Yellow & Green(a double album) dropped, I remember the band discussing the excitement of how fans would react when the record wasn't full of shred-fest 1000% of the time. Baroness had to be comfortable embracing new fans and let the old ones either adapt of fall away.

Just as they were ready to unleash this new sound, tragically, the band suffered a terrible bus accident in England. Broken bones, backs, and intense trauma changed this band. A new bassist and drummer were saught after the previous left the group following the horrifying crash.

This is a band that lived through some dark times. The promise they showed on Yellow & Green has me dancing in my seat with excitement for the new record, and this one track (above) just isn't enough. They're fantastic live performers, and having seen them many times, it feels good knowing these dudes are far from done.

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Purple Track List

1. "Morningstar"

2. "Shock Me"

3. "Try to Disappear"

4. "Kerosene"

5. "Fugue"

6. "Chlorine & Wine" (above)

7. "The Iron Bell"

8. "Desperation Burns"

9. "If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain)"

10. "Crossroads of Infinity"

The new album Purple, available 12/18/15 via ABRAXAN HYMNS