New Music Discovery: Strawberry Girls

They guy that gets me drunk also shows me new music.

November 12, 2015

Just skip to the bottom and hit play if you want music and not text!

I hang out at a watering hole one or twice a week where the floors are wooden and worn, the bar buzzing with the daily drunks - one of which you can NEVER trust, and the beers cheap enough that it's usually a good bet that I'll order one more. What originally landed me at this joint was honestly convenience - I walked by it on my way home every day. What kept me was a soundtrack that no one would ever put on in a bar unless the didn't give a ****. 

My music tastes are wild because of one friend in particular - I've never met someone who hated the Red Hot Chili Peppers more than The King of Castle Rock (he invented that s***). He's that guy that had the Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age split EP when it was released. The king turned me on to The Melvins. We went to High on Fire together, saw Mogwai and ISIS (the band), and after two years of not listening to his advice, I fell in love with Baroness. These are the people you need in your life to spark your musical taste beyond simply what I play for you on the radio. 

Now, my crusty bar serves that roll thanks to a bartender called Fernando. He's the one that put on the insane playlist of stoner metal, Band of Horses, and Wu Tang Clan that no one would ever imagine coming from an Irish pub.

I don't see Fernando as much anymore - morning show life will do that - but when I bumped into him last he told me to check out Strawberry Girls. Usually, I'm pretty slow to actually follow his advice, but i'm super glad I did. This band takes the note-y-ness of nerd/prog rock, adds just enough brutality, and still sounds just innocent and sweet. I think this is the first song he played in the bar after shutting off someone's jukebox requests:

It reminds me of At The Drive-In in some ways - there's almost a little desert southwest in there.

So they have a new album American Grafitti out 11/27, and a random tweet exchange informed me that they'll be here Saturday night (11/14) *EDIT It's sold out* at the Crocodile opening for Dance Gavin Dance. Here's a new song from the group, "Volcano Worship". 

As I write this, I'm listening to an early preview of the album, streaming here. If you dig it or any of their other music, show it to someone in your life and keep the momentum!