New Music Discovery: Weezer "Do You Wanna Get High?"

Now, more than just the catch line to a South Park character...

November 4, 2015

Imagine the challenge for a band to find the perfect balance of relevance and self-gratification when writing music into their third decade. Here we find Weezer, a group that's thrown themselves in a variety of directions over the last few albums as they appeared to be walking the very fine line, sometimes with more success than others. Then, last year, Everything Will Be Alright in the End kicked off with a single that seemingly addressed that tightrope walk, "Back to the Shack". There, we discovered a certain honesty to a group just hitting reset - what a massive success. Weezer looked reinvigorated, but as Rivers talked about heading back to the good ol days - something tons of bands try and fail at - the songs weren't just simple re-hashings of previous success. He used a bit of cunning lyrics to convince us, "oh man, this is just like old Weezer. Cooooool". But the songs were different.

Fast forward a year or so, and when we first heard "Thank God For Girls", it again departed from that "Weezer Sound". Skeptically I thought, "this looks like the band has a new direction in mind again." Look at groups that have a specific sound that you can count on every time, yeah it may change a little, but the stamp is the same - Social Distortion, James Mercer, Foo Fighters. Weezer isn't getting locked into that, but will the fans continue to hang out? First, yes, of course we will, but second, they pulled an awesome move almost immediately and hit us with a second song that is classic. 

Check out "Do You Wanna Get High" and hear that scratchy chun-chun-chun-chun-chun juxtaposed with the whiney Pinkerton squeals, some sweet fuzzy power chords and synth, and that lo-fi solo work:

Woah, trippy video, dude. Also, to my knowledge, the first two songs we've heard here are both things that Rivers doesn't dabble in: he's married and sober. We don't have any details about a new record or anything, but you can already download both new songs. We do know that the band isn't signed to a label, so they can just do it how they want until they're ready to release. That's pretty cool.

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Bonus photo from DTHB 2014:

Weezer holding puppies from DTHB