New Rubik's Cube World Record Is Mind Blowing

It was reset three times over the weekend...

November 23, 2015

I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be to beat the standing best Rubik's Cube time in the world, 5.25 seconds, only minutes later to watch someone go even faster. 


This weekend, the world record was beaten, beaten again, and finally put into the books at 4.90 seconds. Count five one-thousand and see what that's like. You can barely peel the stickers off one of these things in that time, and three kids solved worked magic. According to, "three separate individuals all bested the 5.25 3x3 single world record in the span of only a few hours. In River Hill, MD, Keaton and Lucas achieved 5.09 and 4.90, respectively. Collin also got a 5.21 in Manhasset, NY, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a mis-scrambled cube."

Crushing again.

"Congratulations to Lucas Etter on the new WR single and #1 ranking. Condolences to Keaton for being ninja'd."

Check out Lucas Etter's solve* and be impressed:

Those awkward hugs.

It's hard to imagine what a Rubik's cube meant to me before Lollapalooza 2010 - that was the year where every photo of me features my head down and my hands full of a rainbow of color as I learned how to solve the Rubik's cube. Having spent a few summer days with my nieces and nephew in small town Indiana, I had a lot of time to relax and they had a toy found in many households - a rubik's cube. I also had the internet at my disposable and thought, "I bet there's a way to do this thing and google knows it". I guessed correctly.

An hour later and I had an unscramble cube in my hands. That moment, though fuzzy now, at the time summoned a childlike wonder. I had done it. I had accomplished the impossible.

I spent the whole trip - on the train - at Grant Park - riding the L - with my head down 100% focused on learning how to do it. 

Fast forward to traveling twice to Las Vegas to compete in the World Cube Association's US Nationals and then World Championships. The fastest I ever went in comp: 23.76 seconds. I'm a slow old man in the magic puzzle cube world. These kids can solve 4 cubes in my one best solve. Time is not favorable to those past 25 years of age. 

I've since retired from competition (the nerdiest thing I'll type today), and just do it to stay able. I average 35 seconds which is still fun for a bar trick or a conversation starter. I'm surprised to see how many people have commented around the internet that the kid that did the solve so fast will never get laid. Jealousy is an ugly beast. In my experience, specific, conversation starting skills, are the key to finding success in the world of love! Step back from your internet trolling and find something fun to do, dummy!