Rivers Cuomo Gets Beat Up

It's the new video for "Thank God For Girls" and he's a bad man!

November 16, 2015

Weezer doesn't call any record label home these days, and they're starting to reinvent they way they handle business. Specifically, they're releasing new music as it's done instead of as album. We've already gotten two new songs from the Weezer's without any announcement of a plan to release a record. Adding to the fun, the band delivered a video for the first... single? off the new... hmmm.

Well, the band has a newly released video, and Rivers gets to hop on stage and perform. Instead of his usual self, making weird faces while shredding away, he dons his best Colonel Sanders wig and hits the altar as a two-faced preacher - taking the miracle money and spending it on some back room gambling... 

Check out the song, then let me know what you think!

I'm always suspicious when Weezer tries something beyond their awesome chugging chords, distortion and wonderfully delicate singing and word-play, but this song is growing on me.