Running Around on Century Link Field!

I never thought dad bod could be utilized to raise money for charity!

September 14, 2015

We're so lucky to live in Seattle where a dude like Mike McCready shows up to Mariners/Sounders FC/Thunderbirds games to shred through the national anthem! Usually, he's there raising awareness for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation - specifically the Pacific Northwest Chapter. It's super cool that this dude who lives with a challenging disease like Crohn's uses his community recognition to make us all more knowledgeable - he's helping erase any dumb stigma surrounding it. This is especially rad when it comes to the kids that struggle with Crohn's or Colitis - being a kid and being different is already hard enough - I can only imagine the extra struggle with a bowel disease!  

Over the weekend, the CCFA hosted their second annual A Touch of Football to raise money for the local chapter. It was a great way to play some flag football, and to boost the hunger for the proper football season to start. Someone at the CCFA thought it was a good idea to invite a bunch of local TV talent, former NFL pros, and radio knuckleheads to play in the lunchtime celebrity game. Shout out to Ryan Castle and Steve Migs for joining the fun. Joining me on the teams - Bob Stelton, Will Blackmon, Kenny Mayne, Joe Tafoya, Bill Wixey, Jeff Ament, Steve Migs, Ryan Castle, Brad Adam, Craig Gass, and Mike McCready.

CCFA Celebrity Teams Group Shot

I was blown away when ESPN's master of dry delivery and wit, Kenny Mayne, selected me to his team - that guy played quarterback in college at UNLV and still has a cannon for an arm! Boy is it embarrassing to return to the huddle after dropping a pass from that dude! At the last minute, our team got some serious depth when former Seahawk Will Blackmon joined our team.

Will Blackmon joined the game last minute

THIS DUDE IS AMAZING. On our first possession, Kenny Mayne sends Blackmon deep down the right side, before winding up and blasting the ball down to the corner. Blackmon makes the fantastic 50+ yard catch, but something looks a bit awkward... is he... no... HE'S ON HIS PHONE?!? While Blackmon talked on the phone to his wife, the dude burst down field, did that tuck-the-phone-between-your-face-and-shoulder thing, brought the ball down ONE-HANDED, and put six points on the board! WUT??!

The game was super fun but most importantly to me, the event raised so much $$$ to help with programs that help the kids - CCFA does a ton of fun events, camps, even ice skating to get kids with Crohn's or colitis to embrace our differences and run around together. I can't wait for next year! Unless Craig Gass makes another huge grab to win it for Team McCready again! My team is 0-2!

Craig Gass catches the winner!

Thanks a million to Chris Adams, Jenn White, and everyone else who put this together. Also, thanks to everyone who donated and supported any team - specifically the Poo Fighters!

My pretty teammate on the Poo Fighters!

In the last year, in my personal life, I've become quite close to Crohn's. Starting at last year's a Touch of Football, and continuing throughout the last months in various charity events, I've realized that as adults we all have something screwy in our lives that affects our overall health. I hope that any of this work helps the kids of the PNW who are living with Crohn's and Colitis better able to understand it and navigate life a little easier.

It wasn't all about sports and fundraising on Saturday. We were also joined to learn more about healthy eating and cooking by Sunny Anderson, an ulcerative colitis patient and the spokesperson for Get Your Full Course, an initiative aimed at educating the importance of the paired role of nutrition and therapy. Sunny demonstrated for guests some of her IBD-friendly recipes exclusively featured on, and the importance of healthy eating in a world where so many nutrients are lost to Crohn's and Colitis.

Check out tons more photos from the event! (thanks to Hayward, and CCFA/Mike Savoia)

McCready pulls some stage stunts with the custom Crohns guitar!

The draft!

That face...

Sunny Anderson and gang for Get Your Full Course

Will Blackmon makes easy work of EVERYONE

Ament drops back to pass...

Ament and McCready auctioned this guitar away!

Mike McCready's got your back, Joe Tafoya (and your giant leap!)

There was extra fun for some kids that came out to support, too. Boom from the Seahawks came by and a TON of kids got to race on CenturyLink Field in a 40 yards dash!


CCFA Kids got to hang out on the field and run a 40 yard dash!