Seattle Auto Show Has SO MANY Race Cars!

October 15, 2014
I took a couple hours (and a friend who knows seemingly everything about cars) and shot down to the Seattle Auto Show happening now and all weekend at the Century Link Event Center. First off, the Seattle Auto Show were nice enough to let me drive a muscle-y muscle car around for the week - a Camaro!! It's super fun and it's a convertible. But of course, stupid Mother Nature has given us ALL RAIN this week :. 

I had more fun sitting in all the cars and goofing off all in one place. It's such a great way to try out all these vehicles without having to drive from dealership lot to lot. 

Ok, so my favorite car that I would actually buy, not the dream McLaren supercar, was the Chevy Volt. This one has all the bells and whistles, but getting in to it felt like sitting in a jet fighter. It's super technology driven and awesome:

McLaren MP4-12C Spyder (supercar) there with Griot's from Tacoma:

That's a cool race car, but nothing compared to what the Lemay Car Museum brought out - check out this cigar tube looking relic from the 40's:

I got a little over-excited after seeing so many superb race cars and found a nice Audi S3 for a nap:

Plenty of leg room for sure! This was probably my favorite "out of my price range but reasonable someday" car. Check out this sweet Audi R8:

I brought along my friend Sean to take all these photos. I don't know anything about trucks, but i'm pretty sure this isn't how you do it:

I like Tesla's cause they're quiet, hopefully a little more environmentally friendly, and you obviously turn into a cyborg when you get in one and drive anywhere! The center console is like one giant tablet:

How fun! The Seattle Auto Show is happening all weekend and I'm super glad I went and goofed off. They'll let you sit in a bunch of cars and you can push buttons and set all the radios to 1077 The End for me :D. 

I love the idea of owning a Toyota Tacoma bc this is a cool looking truck AND seems awesome to own a car with the name of a city I broadcast in!