Sexiest Daytime Performance For a Nighttime Band Goes To...

August 20, 2015
One of the toughest parts about throwing an all-day concert is that most of these maniacs that play in bands operate like sonar echoing bats in the dark hours of the night. Asking someone who otherwise plays off the sexiness of shadows to both wake up early is a big deal. Having them pull it off is a whole other thing.

There's a lot of super sexiness happening with In The Valley Below. That freakin' microphone they use that puts them right next to one another is a good start. Then the smooth not-so-subtle caressing of Angela's hands all over Jeffrey's face - so hot! I can't wait to see what this romance brings when they play the Crocodile later this year (11/2).

I got a chance to ask them random summer camp questions and mainly just be chill hanging out at Summer Camp!
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They're so sexy! In The Valley Below at #SummerCamp

Posted by 1077 The End on Wednesday, August 19, 2015