So, You're In Seattle: Alex Jerabek Made A Seattle Centric RPG

October 17, 2014
I've known Alex Jerabek for several years, and thanks to radio, he's known me even longer! Alex is a former Microsoft engineer, chef, and now full time table top game developer for his own company, Cherry Picked Games. Alex is in the midst of launching his first title, Catalyst. Any of us that ever played any DnD type RPG as kids (or adults) will immediately understand how fun this sounds! Though I give him a hard time about coming on the cast to shill his wares, he's looking to fund the illustration and production of his game via Kickstarter, and I fully stand behind him. Can't wait to try it out. 

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EDIT: The demos we talked about have already concluded, but follow the game on Facebook to find more opportunities to come try it out! 

Check out the trailer for the game below, the voice over guy sure sounds handsome ;)