So, You're In Seattle... Andrew McMahon

He's just as cool in person as you would hope...

November 2, 2015

Andrew McMahon, acclaimed writer and performer for Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, and now Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, continues to grow up at the same time in space as I've grown - just years apart, it's been fun watching his changes over the years. Andrew, part of a gang of kids on the road who needn't grow up, always pops up with a certain charm of a in touch entertainer.

His road to success encountered a difficult hurdle that many of us haven't tangled with yet. For ten years, Andrew McMahon has been free of cancer - the toughest fight of his life now ages behind him. Not only is he relatable guy capable of stripping away the facade of fame, but he can also use that very popularity to help other young adults that battle against cancer today. 

McMahon recognizes that while plenty of money is spent helping children and adults 40+ who fight cancer, very little action is taken to aid those in between. He set out this year to raise 72k dollars and would love your help! Listen here, and then if you're so compelled (I hope you will be), give em a buck or two!

Here's a chat we had when he visited a few ago. 

Welcome to third-wave Andrew McMahon - here's a chat with a dude celebrating one year of an awesome project and 10 years free of cancer! Frankly, I was surprised after hanging out that this isn't just a squeaky clean dude helping adolescents with cancer cope, but Andrew is a man that still loves being on the road - traveling the world with a sense of mischief in there - a traveling Peter Pan of sorts!

On Air Date: 
Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - 6:15am

Here's a photo of us:

Gregr + Andrew McMahon