So, You're In Seattle: Gregr interviewed by Ronnie the Student

October 14, 2014
The whole purpose of So, You're In Seattle is for me to talk to people about what it is they do in Seattle. Those things may be for one night when Jack Antonoff is in town visiting to promote his new band, or just another End DJ. Regardless, I was a bit surprised when a dude that loves radio, had previously done a job shadow, and just regularly tweets at us send me an email. Ronnie (17) challenged my normal thinking: 

"This year I am a senior and have to do a job shadow to graduate. I would like to come back into the studio and hang out with you but I have a cool idea; I could come in on the day you record so you're in Seattle but I interview you. That way it keeps the format of interviews but people get the chance to learn about your past in radio, don't feel obligated to say yes it was just a thought. No idea of when I would have to do the job shadow just presenting the idea before someone else does :) let me know what you think! Thanks!"

He did a GREAT job interviewing an interviewer. Hear for yourself.

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