So, You're In Seattle... Ian Imhof

August 18, 2015
Having worked in this backwards industry for forever, it’s strange to think what a small sliver of the entertainment industry I actually understand. Things in the music industry are changing faster than the meteors ended the dinosaurs, so it’s cool to get some insight into how the new world is shaping up.

Ian Imhof is a dude that came up in this industry like a punk rock, DIY champion. Before even graduating high school he was trying to put out records on his own imprint. He worked on a pipeline to make money, watched his politician father work a room, and eventually shacked up in a house that also served as a punk rock recording studio. That’s all before moving to Seattle and taking a job with Onto Entertainment where he’d eventually help break a little band called The Lumineers.

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Following his work with Onto and The Lumineers, Ian’s adventure changed course to the founding of his own management business, Xavier MGMT. He's redirected his focus to what he sees as a new bright light in Seattle. He’s championed local singer Shaprece, and together they're busy stacking the chips in their favor. 

Shaprece just announced a RAD performance with the Seattle Symphony, 10/29, at Benaroya Hall to perform from her new album, Coals, out 10/30! To connect with Ian, reach out to him at the Xavier MGMT Facebook page, or just yell obscenely from your car window!