So, You're in Seattle... James Woollard

He's the stadium voice of Seattle Sounders FC

August 10, 2015

There are so many components that build together to make the perfect concert or sporting atmosphere. Most of the things we’re aware of happen in front of our eyes – a light drizzle leads to someone dropping the ball at a Hawks game. Tyler jumps over his keyboard during a Twenty One Pilots show. A player makes a rad diving play on the beautiful green grass.

But the people behind the scenes making sure the lighting is perfect, the sound is great: they’re the unsung heroes.

Every time you step foot into a sporting event, a voice welcomes you, sets the stage for what you’re about to experience. If they’re excellent at their jobs, you’ll be taken from a pedestrian event, blabbing with your pals, to a state of focused attention where a brilliant play or miserable mishap steers your mood.

James Woollard is the man with the brilliant British voice that helps you welcome the Seattle Sounders FC on to the pitch at CenturyLink Field all summer long. Sometimes, he’s the one the one that blows the steam off the simmering kettle of sports energy. Other times he mutedly announces names of opposing players introduced into the game with intentionally little enthusiasm.

Here’s your chance to learn more about the man that helps drive our emotions when we're fully enveloped in one of the biggest soccer spectacles in the country.

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