So, You're In Seattle... Jay Cox

Can't wait to take a trip to the Palm Springs of Washington together...

September 9, 2015

The whole point of this podcast was to meet people that I found interesting and get their story. Sometimes, I don't have a single notion of who they are or what their background is. Jay is a dude that I met because of Do206, but as I started to mention his name to other rad people in town, his story got more complex and interesting to me.

We first shook hands in a cramped walkway leaving a Death Cab For Cutie EndSession at B47 Studios (humble brag). Then, Do206 existed only as a thing I had heard other people talk about after attending cool events they attended. Now I realize that he and co-hort/friend/co-worker Rich Hobby were the ones shaping the social calendar that I rely on to help promote fun events in Seattle - for instance, where I find all my material for Do Stuff (a feature on my radio program).

Jay is a musician that has a ton of East Coast roots, yet, he managed to land far away from the days of easy weekend touring. He has now been working the 17 corners of any Seattle room for more than a decade. He calls the Central District home and lives with his lovely wife, Jenny, who takes beautiful photos including that shot I used of our guest today!

Jay’s previous bands that we mention while chatting are The Ivory Coast (rad, and totally remind me of Oh! Ranger meets Faraquet), and The Sea Navy.

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