So, You're In Seattle... Joe Hammill Summits Mt Rainier

His team of friends also carried the Supporters Shield

August 26, 2015

My buddy Joe finds fun adventures in places I would never consider. He’s the outgoing type that when I’m grumping around about something, he finds an opportunity to have fun. He’s a scooter club member - Soldiers of Destiny - I would say scooter gang, but they wear animal masks pulled over their helmets, so…

When I first found out Joe solidified a plan to climb Mt Rainier, I thought “cool challenge, dude”. When I found out he had four months to train and zero mountaineering experience, my thoughts weren’t so positive. Mountains are massive and dangerous - this one is also explode-y. It’s not a walk up Rattlesnake Ridge or a couple hour hike to Wallace Falls where the trails are maintained and littered with families and picnics..

This journey features giant ice crevices, falling boulders, and elements that are named after stuff that kills you, ie Disappointment Cleaver.

Joe and friends set out on this journey following a successful battle against cancer by team leader Kevin Zelko. Together, this band or scruffy faces raised $40k in the name of besting breast cancer for local super-researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The fundraising team at Fred Hutch helped the guys meet their goals, and in return, the rallying doesn’t stop!

The Summit the Shield group... oh yeah, they also decided to summit the Supporters Shield - it’s a 40lbs silver platter awarded to the team with the best regular-season record in MLS which is currently housed by last season winners Sounders FC… so the Summit the Shield group is continuing the fundraising. See photos and other fun by searching the #summittheshield on your social medias!

Throughout this talk with Joe, I found myself hanging on his words, thought we would both start crying twice, and realized just how unlikely it is that I would have the mental and physical capability combination needed to summit. Joe is someone I can look up to for his desire to live life in the moment and make this small time we have together count. I hope to never forget that lesson.

TL;DR Joe summited Mt Rainier with a 40lbs salad bowl on his back like a total badass and I’m proud of him.

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