So, You're In Seattle... Miss Washington USA

Stormy Keffeler went from street team, to pro football, to Miss Washington

November 18, 2015

I sorta remember when Stormy started as a street teamer at The End bc she was one of the only ones we had that could drive - she picked me up from my apartment above a coffee shop on Capitol Hill, and I bought her a hot chocolate or something. We were on our way to the Microsoft Store in Bellevue and I didn't want to pay the toll on 520 (or perhaps was just too lazy to drive, regardless, our company paid!). 

Stormy definitely did not like my sophomoric, random brand of humor. Fair enough. Over subsequent events, she finally warmed up to my dumbassery and we became pals. She started telling me about her other life as a pageant girl! You mean that thing I saw in 'Little Miss Sunshine'? Yup.

Somewhere between street team-ing and winning the Miss Washington USA crown, Stormy had a stint playing football for the Seattle Mist - it's a lingerie football league, but get a thing straight - they hit each other and hard. She dreams of being a sideline reporter at a Hawks game, and she's working all the angles to get there. Now, with a background in broadcast, playing the sport, and with the ability to be featured on stage in front of an audience, she's one step closer.

Here's the moment she made it:

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