There's No Crying at Summer Camp

August 16, 2015
I can’t thank you enough for coming to our favorite outdoor party of the year; you made Summer Camp incredible. When tasked with thinking back to favorite moments from the show, it dawned on me that every stupid thought my simple brain could muster about bands performing had been shuffled aside by all the rad memories we made together. That, and 5 years of college at University of Arizona couldn't be helping my memory ;)

I love meeting you! I hope you could tell by all the freakin’ awesome high-fives. Also, I have no idea how to spell high-five.  I think together we achieved well over 3,000 hand slappies. I learned that there are so many variations of the high altitude, two person, one-armed clap - some of you were out to hurt me! It’s cool, jokes on you, I had EVERYONE ELSE’S GERMS ALREADY!

I have to give major props to everyone who heard me whining on the radio about wanting to score some new friends via wrist weaving threads: friendship bracelets! Thanks for everyone who took time to make one and bring it to me, you’re the best - even the girls that tore up a trash bag, tied it in a loop, and made me put it on for the rest of the show (gross).

At one point I came across a badass thread knotter diligently working hard on the coolest friendship bracelet I’ve ever seen:

Friendship bracelet x 1,000,000!!! #SummerCamp -@heygregr

Posted by 1077 The End on Saturday, August 15, 2015

After a few hours, I went hunting through the crowd, stargazing if you will, for Callie and that bracelet. I couldn’t recall where on that sea of grass I could find her blanket. I had help from friends until i found the blanket she had laid out on the berm in the back of the grass - a sheet covered in stars. She gave me the finished braid-work and something special happened. I felt my throat tighten and my eyes well up. I say dumb things on the radio everyday, but I never see your faces. I never know that anyone is actually listening, caring, feeling the effect of my words.

In that one moment, a simple token of artwork brought tears to my eyes.

It’s sorta embarrassing to be standing atop a small grass mound among a zillion people only to start to crumble. It’s ok though. The affection that you showed this weekend humbles me, even as I type this, I’m having a tough time seeing through blurry eyes.

Thank you for coming to Summer Camp so for a moment we could be friends in person, too.


I love you nerds and am glad we’re pals.