Turns Out, Chet Faker Was A High School Athlete

August 19, 2015
My favorite part of Summer Camp or Deck the Hall Ball is you. I love running around all day saying hi to everyone, taking selfies, high-fiving - whatever interaction I can get from you I cherish! My gf wishes I would wash my hands more after this type of activity ;)

Part of the show that you don't get to see happens behind the scenes - a white shirted security guard separates you from the hard work and hustle that go on that you never see. Also behind the scenes, the artists usually all agree to come and sit down, have a chat, sign some posters, etc. 

Chet Faker is a quiet guy, who for the most part kept to himself, and is a real delight. On his way for an interview, the radical folks from Motley Zoo got their paws on him - literally, put some dog paws on his beautiful all black outfit! Chet walked up holding Juliet the dog who was so exhausted and felt so comfy in his arms that at one point she just dozed off!
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What happened to Chet Faker's beard?!! -GREGR

Posted by 1077 The End on Wednesday, August 19, 2015