This Video Game is the S***

August 24, 2015

Look, I know that headline was an easy joke to make about a game where you fly around like a pigeon and poop on stuff, but dammit, this is my favorite preview since Goat Simulator or that indie surgery game.

We’re getting closer, nearing in on the first at home virtual reality gaming. It’s definitely going to change the world, VR. At 35, I’ll face a tough decision, do I try to hang on to my youth and invest in Oculus Rift so I can play crazy games (yes), or finally let myself be taken away to the world of old people who just don’t get it?

When I see games where you’ll be able to strap on your VR goggles and immerse yourself in large map 3D worlds, turning your head any which way gives you different perspective, it’s hard to imagine how gaming will ever be the same. To really get me on board, though, we’re gonna need stuff like Sploot. It’s a game where you flap your little pigeon wings to get around the city on a hunt for slices of bread and the opportunity to poop on stuff… for real.

Watching this woman (annoyingly) fly around sans goggles is fun, she gets super excited to make her seagull poop on children, but it lacks the best part: the VR! This is just a preview so you can see it's majesty! 

Someone demo'ing Sploot - a VR game about being a pigeon.

I imagine this game won’t have serious legs since it looks pretty limited in options, BUT it’s super important to get people to try on the virtual reality world to see how fun it is. Having sampled Oculus a few years ago (shout out to Nick Vu), it’s full of wonder and the possibilities seem limitless - well, besides the point of not being able to touch one another… Just wait until the porn companies get their paws on VR - game changer.