What Should I Do With This DTHB Autographed Chowder?

I had two there last night and one got all signed up!

December 9, 2015

First, thank you for coming to Deck the Hall Ball. Secondly, what do I do with this signed Chowder? I made a couple foam board cut outs of my little dog to carry around at DTHB last night. One went all over the place with a million photos and fun. The other stayed backstage and when bands came to do 107 Seconds they all signed her little face. There's ink from Nick of Walk the Moon, the boys from twenty one pilots |-/, DCFC, Cage the Elephant etc. 

My question: what do I do with it? 

Should I frame it and hang it over Chowder's little bed? Do I put it up for auction and donate the proceeds? Throw it off the 16th floor patio here at the station? Thoughts? I know of few of us that would like to hang it on our walls at home. That's cool, too! Maybe we put it in MOHAI to document this rad show? Whatever. Just comment and let me know.

Gregr + Chowder