Happy 40th Birthday, Jack White!

July 8, 2015
Back in high school, The White Stripes were one of my favorite bands that I listened to every single day. When they broke up I was devastated. All was not lost though because Jack was still making music, just with his new band - The Raconteurs! Then he formed The Dead Weather with the incredible Allison Mosshart and it almost filled the White Stripe hole in my heart! And eventually Jack went solo and made some of his best tunes to date. Basically, every time I think he's done - he makes something new and different and blows me away. He's a music machine! Which is why I think the man is one of our last few remaining rock stars, so be sure to celebrate his day of birth today even if it just means putting on one of his many records. 

Here's my Top 4 favorite Jack White moments:

1. His guacamole recipe. So random. So specific. So funny. So delicious!
2. When he beat up the guy from The Von Bondies. Don't get me wrong, I don't LIKE this moment, but I do find it endlessly fascinating. At the time, I'm not gonna lie, I was totally on #TeamVonBondies. They made one of my favorite records ever. Anyway... this is just an interesting moment in his rock star history. 
3. He used to be an upholsterer in Detroit and hid records in the couches he worked on. Bonus: Somebody found one!  
4. Seeing him live last summer, when at the end of the show, instead of offering his hand for the audience to grab or high five, he just dragged his guitar across the front row and let everyone touch it. It was the single coolest rock star move I have ever witnessed live. It didn't hurt that I was sitting side stage for this moment, behind Eddie Vedder who was drinking out of a bottle of wine the whole time. Amazing. 

Here's my Top 4 favorite Jack White songs:

Hotel Yorba - The White Stripes
2. Entitlement - Jack White
3. I Cut Like A Buffalo - The Dead Weather

4. Conquest - The White Stripes