The Head and The Heart @ Neumos 01.14.11

January 25, 2011

I walked into Neumos just before the band went on.  Maybe ten or so minutes. Freshly vacating my seat at the capitol hill Pagliacci (yes I know that's not cool to say, but it was tasty) Jay-Z began playing over the PA, an odd change of pace from the standard Starbucks indie rock that had been playing before hand.  As I was being reminded by a coworker that I was "too young to remember this song", the band took the stage.  Cheers erupted, people excitedly inched closer, never consciously crushing to the point of discomfort but an almost organic agreed upon pulse forward.  From the first note, it was clear the band had won.  The crowd swooned and surrendered as they tee'd off their sold out set with  "Popsicle", before launching into fan favorite "Cats & Dogs".  Despite being an all ages show the room was packed with 20 and 30 somethings.  Perhaps a sign that THATH are still a secret of the city despite recently signing with Sub Pop records.

They radiated with a kind of innocent energy, and you could often hear whispers of how huge they're going to become between songs.  To be honest? I can't say I disagree.  Sub Pop has seen success before with bands like Fleet Foxes  and The Shins, and The Head and the Hearts brand of (at the risk of being cheesy) heartwarming indie is the perfect platform to push on all of us unsuspecting softy schmucks.  Standing there I found myself thinking of them as a folky Seattle Fleetwood Mac, bisexual harmonies interweaving over a cheerful backdrop of poetry.  Perhaps the best part of the set however was not the group themselves but the room itself buzzing with the electricity of 800 people who already knew the words, who sang along in a gang vocal of ooos and ahhhs as if this were the bands triumphant arena tour in support of some number one release.  It was impossible not to be enamored with these moments when even Dave Matthews himself could be spotted in the crowd singing along.

In summary, are The Head and The Heart the next Coldplay? Probably not. But Definitely catch them before your mom starts asking you to take her with you.

-Intern Bryce

The Head and The Heart - Lost In My Mind (as heard in rotation on The End)