Add The End's new iOS Stickers to your phone for free!


With the new 107.7 The End sticker pack, you can add a little flair to your everyday conversations with Gregr, Manley, Chowder, The Burrito Falcon, and more for free!

Here's how you download the stickers to use for yourself!

1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone

2. Tap on the "Applications" icon to the left of the messaging bar

3. Tap the bottom left "App Store for iMessage" icon

5. In the top right, tap the search bar and search for "107.7 The End Sticker Pack"

6. Install and start sticking!

To use the stickers, just open the sticker pack while in a conversation with a friend and drag and drop the stickers onto your messages and make sure you share your creative uses with us on Twitter and Facebook!