Infected Mushroom at The Showbox

April 27, 2015
USC Events brought Infected Mushroom to The Showbox last week and they killed it! It was refreshing to see guitars, and any time you have a human drummer laying down the groove, it adds a dimension that you just can't get from a robot. But a cast of robots was also in attendance. This was the Animatronica Live tour, and a motley crew of metal beasts took up most of the stage. The last time I saw so many stage props was at a Skinny Puppy show. And I gotta say it's admirable, for an age where screens have taken over the visuals at concerts. The crispness of the lasers made a bizarre contrast, and were probably the best I've seen for a one-off like this, at a concert venue. If you missed this show, that's a bummer dude.
- Zach 

Happy #SubtronicEnd ticket winners! Nicole won and took her sister, don't ask me who's who.