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It's Official - Hockey is Back in Seattle!

The NHL Announced 32nd Team Is Headed to the PNW


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No offense to the T-Birds, but Seattle is getting big time, top-flight hockey back for the first time since those old-timey phonographs used the giant horns to play old-timey pocket watch and monocle music. The board of super villains who run profession sports met and announced that the 2021-22 season will officially welcome a new, as-yet-unnamed team to what we currently call KeyArena.

What we know:
Nameless Seattle Hockey starts play at Seattle Center 2021.
As long as they aren't using Bertha, KeyArena will be done.
Manley will accept no name but Seattle Freeze.
Construction begins on Wednesday.

What we don't know:
What freakin' name they're using.
Will this bring back the Sonics?
How we're going to get that many people in and out 40x more a year.

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