Jamie T

December 28, 2014
Jamie T is a British singer-songwriter. He is a gold-selling, Mercury prize-nominated artist from Wimbledon, South London. Five years have passed since Jamie T has released music, though his 2007 and 2009 albums were critically acclaimed. During the stretch, the punk-inspired singer-songwriter (born Jamie Alexander Treays) went traveling in America on an isolated but essential voyage of self-discovery. Perhaps this is why Carry On The Grudge contains a pensive air of personal sadness and longing. Words fit snugly into melody, there are rattling post-Clash rhythms, with irreverent tips of the hat to Prince Buster, Madness and The Who. According to Mojo, it’s a “staggering collection of incredible songs.” And in their 9/10 star review, NME said it’s "one of the most original, exciting musician of the last decade." It’s “a modern original,” said The Guardian.