Photo by Jake Gravbrot

Kris Orlowski


Kris Orlowski got his start as a part of the scene built and centered on the storied Seattle venue Conor Byrne, along with bands like Head and the Heart, Pickwick, Bryan John Appleby, and others. Rising to national prominence with an EP called Pieces We Are written in collaboration with noted string arranger Andrew Joslyn (Macklemore). In 2014, Orlowski and his band released their debut full length Believer followed by a national tour supporting Jamestown Revival.

in 2016, Orlowski and crew released their new record, Often In The Pause.

On Often in the Pause Orlowski captures the feeling of transition, of being grateful for moments of beauty shimmering within the chaos and disruption of the modern life. “I'm hoping this record brings some solace” says Orlowski. “Music has always been a kind of magical medicine for me; it inspires me, it educates me, it calms me, it's helped me escape or take something head on. It's changed my life. I'm hoping that by being really honest and sharing the seasonal experiences of my life and my lens, others just might find whatever cure they need in my music.”