Lido, Brasstracks

2200 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
United States

Event Description:


"Who is Lido? It's the question everyone in electronic music has been asking since a string of breathtaking, unofficial remixes under that name started appearing 12 months ago—'Billboard' by S-Type, 'Ain't No Sunshine' by soul legend Bill Withers, and, controversially, 'Latch' by Disclosure, which was forcibly taken down after 24 hours and has since existed as an "urban legend" of sorts online. Everyone from Skrillex and Diplo to Ryan Hemsworth has been playing them. Who could it be? Where were they coming from.The answer: 21-year-old Norwegian producer Peder Losnegård.

The result: a forceful and involved love for hip hop and R&B was kindled— and soon after further fueled by an introduction to electronic music. It was one of Peder's friends, Cashmere Cat, who turned him onto electronic music—the weirder end of hip hop, such as J Dilla, stuff from Ed Banger and cutting edge electronica from the likes of Rustie. Inspired, Peder start making his own music, fusing the baselines and rowdy sonics of Daft Punk with R'n'B and gospel harmonies.

"There is something beautifully theatric about this release that has me believing Lido IS the next big thing. Already a prolific force in the music world with several successful music projects and international appeal… if this sound were to go mainstream, there is no doubt that Lido would rise to Skrillexesque fame. The EP, as any debut EP should be, is a characterization of the 'Lido sound.' His music has strong RnB influences blended with Jersey club, wonky synths, 808s, detuned vocals, gentle acoustic timbres and booming, dramatic basslines that tie everything together into a unique but epic package. Nobody is making music quite like this." --Run the Trap